DECEPTION • Scarborough
Sunday June 23, 2019
10:00 pm
Rembrandt Banquet Hall
930 Progress Avenue, Scarborough, ON, Canada
Play Synopsis

Imogene, Dotlyn and Madge are 3 mature / middle aged women who have a few things in common; they are Christians, single/unmarried with no children. They realize however that being in the church is impeding them from getting a male companion, because let’s face it; there are no men in the church, and at their age, the chances of this becoming a reality is even more daunting; unless they are open to exploring other options such as on-line dating (suggested by Madge). Imogene is not so thrilled at this idea as in her eyes it is not Christian-like to embark on the wordily path; however she is promptly reminded by the other 2 that she should be more accepting of any option as she is illegal in Canada (has been for 15 years) so really her only chance of ever getting a landed status is by marriage.

Luck however was not on Imogene’s side; she was picked up by immigration and deported immediately to Jamaica without getting a chance to sort out some critical business. Now faced with the fact that she must entrust her 2 friends to handle her affairs in Canada, she learnt the hard way that “Friendship and Trust don’t always go hand in hand”. In addition, the brother she left in Jamaica to handle her affairs and who was seemingly swindling monies out of her over the years; has moved into her house; with the obvious expectation that she would not be returning to Jamaica to live due to her illegal status.

Imogene has really hit rock bottom BUT.. wait for it ..If God is for you WHO can be against you!!

DECEPTION is filled with lots of laughter, lots of emotions and will leave you definitely wanting for more!!

DECEPTION will be a a topic of conversation in your cars, homes and workplaces long after you have seen it!!

DECEPTION is rated FFTEF – Fit For The Entire Family


Regular Advance $35

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