Sunday October 14, 2018
10:00 pm
Ajax High School
105 Bayly Street East, Ajax, ON, Canada


Granny Del, the play, is a riot. So many sold out houses and the fans keep asking for more. Granny Del stars the energetic and unstoppable Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright.

Delcita is an ancilliary worker at Mount Jacobs Primary School. Her grand daughter, Cotisha Deleesha (Shakira Kelly), attends the school and is disruptive due to delayed learning and emotional challenges.

Cotisha’s Teacher, Mrs. Wheelz (Kirri Wynter), is having a myriad of issues and lacks humility, tact and diplomacy. The Education Officer (Trudy Campbell), Dean of Discipline (Christopher McPherson) , and Principal have all tried with Mount Jacobs Primary, yet its still on the brink of making bad news. Topics highlighted: Bullying, Corporal Punishment; Negative intimacies and their impact on teachers.

Cotisha and Granny Del move the comedy along quite quickly. Cotisha is a riot. In fact, Scriptwriter Andrea Wright jokes that ‘the laughter is longer than the script’. Wright is a qualified Guidance Counsellor and uses helps her patrons transform through laughter. She enjoys embellishing stories and making them ‘comedically’ credible! See Granny Del and her GrandPickney ! Another authentic Jamaican hit for the Canadian fans!

Regular Advance $40

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